By Casey Neill

Dandenong High student Janice is taking a narrow view of the world and winning awards for it.
The Year 9 has a passion for photography and took home two prizes from the Casey Creations Youth Arts Competition in May.
She was among three winners from Dandy High in this year’s contest. The school has participated for the past 10 years and always takes home awards.
“In April, our photography teacher gave us the chance to enter two pictures,” Janice said.
“There were about 1500 entries in total.
“They have it in age groups.
“In my age group, my photo won.”
That shot showed a silver necklace against a white jumper.
Her other entry, featuring sunlight shining through a decomposing leaf, received a merit award.
“I was really happy,” she said.
“My dad, he did visual communication, and he was just really proud I guess.
The 14-year-old said she wanted to pair her love for photography with her love for animals.
“I really want to be a wildlife photographer,” she said.
“I take pictures of practically everything.
“When I go out to do the laundry, we have a gum tree in our backyard.
“A lot of birds come and nest in it in winter.
“Every time I see a cockatoo, I run inside and get my camera and start taking pictures.”
Her mum has to issue a reminder for Janice to return to the original task of the washing.
Janice also pits her pictures against professionals on website Guru Shots, on her teacher’s recommendation.
Photographers upload four distinctly different photos to a specified theme. Janice gave flowers as an example.
Other site users vote for their favourite shots and there are prizes up for grabs.

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