Digging in for fun

A community-led Spoonville at Roth Hetherington Reserve. 214057_01 Picture: GARY SISSONS


A ‘Spoon-ville’ family has dug its home into a log at a Keysborough parkland during recent weeks.

As part of this organic campaign, people have been invited and enthusiastically added to the motley collection of wooden spoons at Roth Hetherington Reserve.

Among the members was an orange-helmeted item of cutlery donated by Greater Dandenong SES.

Resident Gaye Guest welcomed the “community-uniting” movement – that had brought smiles and “helped heal rifts” in the council area.

Greater Dandenong Council staff had “stumbled” on the installation during their work, council director Paul Kearsley told a council meeting on 24 August.

Workers had been directed not to alter or remove the spoon collection, he said.

The council was seeking to place information about more community-engaging activities, such as a joint “biodiversity blitz” app with Casey Council.

The app will invite residents to record flora and fauna in their backyards and neighbourhood walks.

The council “acknowledged the benefits these community initiatives can have in our community”, Mr Kearsley said.


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