Facing realities

SA Vandort's portraiture is clear-lined and absent of eyes.


The walls could be said to have eyes at an exhibition at Connection Arts Space in Dandenong.

Or perhaps in artist SA Vandort’s work, his portraits are typically missing eyes.

The Faces Within features two emerging artists Mr Vandort and Adam Joshua Finlayson with very contrasting styles.

Mr Vandort draws clean-lined portraits with an absence of eyes.

After years of spray paints, charcoal and graffiti, his style evolved after taking up tattooing in 2017.

He then turned his hand to “neo traditional” portraits that feature in The Faces Within.

Meanwhile, Mr Finlayson’s heavy oil paintings capture his moods, hallucinations and vivid, distorted imaginations while suffering from schizoaffective disorder.

The exhibition is at Connection Arts Space, 1-9 Walker Street, Dandenong on Tuesdays-Fridays 12pm-3pm from 18 May-3 June.