Parking down for safety tips

Leading Senior Constable Dave Smith with Hiya and Het and Leading Senior Constable Frank Bailey play it safe at the mini car park. 242387_07 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS


Safety was on the minds of shoppers at Armada Dandenong Plaza.

As part of the plaza’s school holiday activities, kids learnt pedestrian safety tips at a simulated mini car park.

Some of the interactive advice included using the marked crossings and footpaths, walking next to a responsible adult and not to run in a car park.

Kids are also taught about looking out for cars, including those pulling into or reversing from parking spaces.

Other lessons include not to leave kids or pets in hot cars, not to stand in shopping trolleys and to stay out of loading docks.

On 6 July, Police officers were also on hand to chat with shoppers over a free cupper as part of ‘Coffee with a Cop’.

Greater Dandenong Neighbourhood Watch was also selling personal alarms, anti-theft number-plate screws as well as the slogan ‘Lock it or Lose it’.