Debaters face off

The two Lyndale Secondary College teams face to face. 294493_16 Picture: GARY SISSONS

There are no regrets for two teams of debaters from Lyndale Secondary College.

Its B Grade (senior) and D Grade (junior) teams progressed to the fifth and final round of the Debating Association Victoria schools competition finals.

Kishore Ramesh was awarded best speaker during her D Grade team’s win over Haileybury College. They debated why they don’t regret the rise of social media in fighting crime.

With about one hour to prepare notes, the team argued that social media was an important crime-solving tool. It also helped give voice to victims of crime, Kishore said.

She was able to thrive in the spotlight, but still admitted to some nerves.

But the experience builds confidence, public speaking skills and ability to think your feet, she said.

The B Grade team comprised Danya Daoud, Haleemah Illyas and Ibraham Rifaie, In the D Grade team were Christina Shaiju, Kishore Ramesh and Aaliyah Heather.