Going for growth and accepting the challenge

Growth and challenges can drive success, a Dandenong business forum heard on Wednesday 15 May.
World record holder and adventure runner Richard Bowles told about 40 people at the Job Prospects Business Forum at Dandenong Club how to create and maintain sustained commitment.
He has run more than 21,000 kilometres across the world’s longest mountain trails, running up to 95km a day for months at a time, all with his belongings on his back.
Mr Bowles said it took a whole lot more than passion and desire to achieve a goal.
“What I’ve learnt over the years is it’s more to do with growth. We humans just want to grow,” he said.
“If we’re not growing we’re going stale.
“So we like to be challenged and do new things and I’ve just taken that to the next level.”
He said this mentality and drive easily transferred to business life.
“We don’t have to run thousands of kilometres to be successful in business, but we do need to have drive and sustained commitment to keep going, even when the going gets really tough,” he said.
“And getting the best out of your people is a big part of that, so finding the right people in the first place is absolutely crucial to achieving high performance.”
Job Prospects, a jobactive employment services provider, organised the forum to provide employers with tactics to find a competitive edge.
It works with job seekers to gain and sustain employment and with employers to recruit and maintain their workforce.
Jobactive is an Australian Government initiative and operates across Australia.
South Australian media personality Leigh McClusky hosted the forum, which also heard from Annie Makale from Randstad, Simon Cowen from Serenity Bedding and Jon Morgan from ASAPersonnel.
They spoke about how they found, hired and kept good people for their businesses.