Budding artists get expert know-how

Drum Theatre's Stuart McKellar shows Noble Park Secondary College students Huy and Robyn the ropes. 158790 Picture: GARY SISSONS

By Casey Neill

Budding artists at Noble Park Secondary College are learning the ropes from those in the know.
The school has engaged five professional artists to work with arts and technology teachers and students during Term 3.
“The theme of the students’ artwork is identity and personal stories,” teacher Katie Stewart said.
“Students will work with artists and teachers to create music, films, photography and plays, exploring ideas and issues surrounding this theme.
“The students work closely with the professional artists and their teachers to gain a deeper understanding of industry skills and knowledge needed to produce quality work.”
The work will culminate in a showcase at Dandenong’s Drum Theatre on Monday 10 October.
“It will celebrate the partnerships made between local artists, teachers and students and, most importantly, it will be a celebration of the students’ creative work,” Ms Stewart said.
Year 8 student Kavika said she’d made a song for the first time “and got to do it with a professional artist”.
“It was an exciting and new experience. I am nervous, but also excited that I get the opportunity to tell my story to everyone,” she said.
Year 11 student Reza said: “Working with a professional artist allowed me to learn industry skills and understand what opportunities there are in the industry for filmmakers.”
Ms Stewart said the program aimed to promote the value and importance of arts education in the college and the community.
“More importantly, teachers, students and artists are working together to improve student outcomes and develop and sustain partnerships with industry professionals and community leaders,” she said.
“Teachers will also take part in professional development over the seven weeks, working with industry professionals.”