Melodies bring back memories

Frank Powell performs at morning melodies. 165747

Singing and laughter spill from Lexington Gardens Retirement Village on the first Tuesday of each month.
The Springvale centre welcomed performer Frank Powell to its morning melodies on Tuesday 7 March.
They sang and danced as he presented classic tunes with plenty of humour and cheek.
Social committee convenor Val Price has been running the event since 2009.
“We have dinner dances once a month. I used to see people getting up and going home early,” she said.
“I suggested to the committee that we try morning melodies.
“We get anything from 60 to 95 people.
“We have a two-course lunch and we’ve got good singers, entertainers and it gives people something to do here rather than go out.
“I just love to make people happy.
“I love to see the older ones singing the old songs and enjoying it.
“One table of elderly ladies bring a bottle of champagne!”
About 300 people call Lexington Gardens home – some who’ve lived there for 17 years – and that number is set to grow next year.
Community engagement manager Claire Emmanuel said work on 40 new units would start in May.
“We’re starting to take expressions of interest,” she said.
“People will step into their apartments next year.
“We’ve got excellent amenities within this village that really provide a brilliant lifestyle and promote health and wellbeing for the residents.
“The things that we pride ourselves on is that there’s an activity that suits everybody.
“We are looking at expanding our activities to suit a younger cohort of people.
“These days people are retiring at a younger age, or working part-time.”

Frank Powell performs at morning melodies at Lexington Gardens:


Ms Emmanuel said facilities included a gym, 25-metre swimming pool, a men’s shed, tennis court, croquet and bowls greens, snooker tables, an art and craft space, and a barbecue area.
“We have a bar for people who like to enjoy happy hour and a large auditorium where we have movie viewing and DVDs and presentations,” she said.
“The bar is a highly social place.
“It’s all run by the residents.
“People are never lonely here.”
She said families were welcome to make use of the facilities.
“Grandchildren come to visit their grandparents to go for a swim or play some tennis,” she said.
There’s a library, computer centre, kitchen with a chef, GP clinic, op shop and hair salon.
A convenience store with pantry basics will soon become an IGA with fresh fruit, vegetables and meat, and the community centre will be upgraded in the next two months.
“We’re going to have a cafe that will provide breakfasts and lunch and dinner,” Ms Emmanuel said.
Call Claire on 0408 414 159 or email for more information.