Aryana sings for Afghanistan

Afghan pop star Aryana Sayeed.

By Casey Neill

Afghanistan’s leading female performer is heading to Dandenong.

Singer Aryana Sayeed will perform at Robert Blackwood Hall in Clayton on Saturday 14 July.

Ali from Dandenong Plaza kebab store A La Turko is the major sponsor for her Australian tour, as the director of Baran Entertainment.

“She is an Afghan superstar,” he said.

“She’s a beautiful woman. She’s fighting for freedom in Afghanistan.

“She’s fighting for women’s rights in Afghanistan.

“She’s a very affective person on society.

“She has a beautiful voice. She’s one of the best singers we have currently.

“I thought I should bring her to Australia to bring the Afghan community together through music and dance, and create some happiness for my community.”

Millions of fans have viewed Aryana’s sensual and provocative music videos, but the clips have also drawn the wrath of hardliners.

A concert in Kabul on Afghanistan Independence Day went ahead despite death threats and bans from religious groups.

“She’s a very open-minded woman,” Ali said.

“She is very modern and westernised.

“There is some feedback I’ve heard so far…

“But we celebrate her achievement, her music and we bring the community together.”

Aryana performs pop songs plus traditional folkloric songs in Farsi/Dari, Pashto, Hazaragi, Hindi and English.

“I usually try to sing songs that have strong messages behind them,” she said.

“I sing for women’s rights in Afghanistan, I sing for love and for peace, which is really needed back home in my country.”

Ali said Aryana would be holding a gala dinner in Dandenong on Thursday 12 July.

“Dandenong is the base of the Afghan community in Australia,” he said.

“We have to bring her to see Dandenong.”

He encouraged all music-lovers to consider the concert.

“She’s absolutely amazing. She’s performing live, she’s not lip-synching,” he said.

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