Hitler youth target Dandenong

An Antipodean Resistance sticker on a Halal butcher, Lonsdale Street, Dandenong.

By Cam Lucadou-Wells

A racist, neo-Nazi youth movement has targeted Dandenong with the plastering of propoganda stickers in public places.

On 28 July, Antipodean Resistance posted photos on social media in late July of its stickers in Harmony Square and a Halal butcher’s sign in Lonsdale Street.

The same account shows posts of stickers being plastered at universities, train stations and other public places across Melbourne and Australia.

Recent posts have illustrated sticker activities at Swinburne University, Monash University, Ferntree Gully, Boronia and Brighton.

Greater Dandenong Council stated it had not been aware of the sticker campaign in its midsts.

Its city planning, design and amenity director Jody Bosman said putting up the stickers without permission was an offence under the Environment Protection Act.

“If Council does become aware of any such material appearing in this municipality, we will investigate and take the appropriate action.”

A Victoria Police spokesperson said social media had increased the public profile and online presence of “these groups”.

“We respect the right of the community to express their views peacefully and lawfully, however, urging violence and hatred is not a form of free speech that the community or Victoria Police will tolerate.”

The police were monitoring intelligence relevant to “any group that may pose a threat or risk to the community”.

The Executive Council of Australian Jewry strongly condemned Antipodean Resistance and its “repugnant” ideas.

Co-chief executive Alex Ryvchin said the Antipodean Resistance supported the overthrow of democratic institutions and the murder of Jews and gay people.

Neo-Nazism should be combated by education, so people could comprehend the “unique barbarism” of the Nazis and their crimes, he said.

“It is not clear whether this group is content to advocate violence and plaster posters or will adopt violence themselves.

“Given how extreme their ideology is and the violence perpetrated by similar groups in the United States and Europe, they should certainly be of concern to the public.”

Executive Council of Australian Jewry research officer Julie Nathan said the group called for an end to “non-white immigration” and blamed societal ills on “the Jews”.

Its members had connections to far-right extremist groups in Australia and overseas, such as the United Patriots Front leaders via the Lads Society.

“Antipodean Resistance openly aims to lay the groundwork for a forcible Nazi take-over of Australia at a later time.

“They have no illusions that they could ever win a democratic election.“At present, the group is making its existence known through its propaganda activities, is recruiting members across the country, and is engaged in activities to promote Nazi ideology.”

The small, secretive group had spread through Australian capital cities since forming in Melbourne in October 2016, Ms Nathan said.

It targeted white males in their teens and twenties by putting up posters at high schools and universities, they said.

In photos and videos on their website and posts, members hid their identities in photos and videos with superimposed “death-head” masks.

“Its members try to remain anonymous, although a small number of them have been publicly exposed.”

Antipodean Resistance was emailed for comment.