Open to diversity

SMRC CEO Ramesh Kumar welcomes everyone to the open day.

Southern Migrant and Refugee Centre is thrilled to begin a full calendar year of events with an exciting open day to be held on Wednesday 13 February.

Following on from SMRC’s hugely successful event in 2018, SMRC CEO Ramesh Kumar said the 2019 ope day would “celebrate the power of diversity in employment”.

Open Day 2019 will be held on Wednesday 13 February and feature a local hero speaking about their personal journey to economic independence through employment. There will also be panel experts to discuss from their perceptive the importance of diversity in employment including the President of Dandenong Chamber of Commerce, Paul Broom and Employment Sector expert Alma Besserdin from Wimmigrants.

Open Day 2019 is open to the community from 3pm until 6pm. Attendees can engage in a Q&A session with employment experts, meet with SMRC staff and participate in workshops that showcase key services available at the organisation such as:

settlement services, community engagement through social clubs, pathways to further education and employment and social connections in the earning space Hippy (Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters).

This is a free event that the local community is encouraged to attend.

“At SMRC, we look forward to a fabulous future in providing services that will connect and empower our community so they feel both confident and welcomed in making Australia their home”, said Mr Kumar.

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