All aboard the safety train

Dandenong train station. 196128_14

By Mitchell Clarke

Train commuters in Dandenong will notice more authorised officers and staff, as Metro launches a new campaign to crack down on risky behaviour around trains.

Over the last year, more than 1000 avoidable slips, trips and falls have resulted in significant delays across the line.

A further 176 incidents have involved passengers forcing open train doors and risking serious injury.

By launching the ‘Check Yourself Around Train’s campaign, Metro and the Department of Transport hope to prevent avoidable delays and protect passenger safety.

A single train being delayed by a matter of seconds can often compound the journey into several minutes longer and essentially affect the entire line, by holding up passengers on every service to follow.

Simple “behaviour changes” like standing away from the door by moving down the carriage and removing backpacks will have a “significant impact” on train punctuality, according to Metro CEO Raymond O’Flaherty.

“Small changes in behaviour around trains can make a huge difference to the experience of all passengers who rely on our network every day.

“We ask that people consider their own safety at all times, avoid forcing open train doors, and be courteous to fellow passengers during their journey,” Mr O’Flaherty added.

Department of Transport’s head of services Jeroen Weimar added: “This campaign reinforces the message that we want everyone to take extra care while travelling across our network.”

The campaign will also target “engaging video and audio content” to passengers’ smart phone apps and web browsers as they approach stations and while they wait for trains.

“We’re continuing to make the important upgrades across the network to make it easier for people to catch the train and get to where they need to go,” Mr Weimar added.

People who hold open train doors or stop trains from moving could face fines of up to $403 for each offence.

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