Plea for lighter traffic

Keysborough Gardens Primary principal Phil Anthony is calling for a traffic congestion fix. 218841_04 Picture: GARY SISSONS

By Cam Lucadou-Wells

A simple timing change at traffic lights could brighten pick-up and drop-off periods at Keysborough Gardens Primary School, says its principal.

School principal Phil Anthony says just five cars have time to exit from Homeleigh Road onto Chapel Road during the green light period – and less when pedestrians are crossing.

While the lights are red, cars bank up along the road and block the 20-spot ‘kiss-and-go’ parking bay in front of the school, Mr Anthony says.

Already, the school has staggered times for drop off and pick up of students, opened two different access gates and used staff and volunteer parents as traffic controllers to improve traffic flow.

“The process operates very efficiently due to the great team of school staff & parents on Homeleigh Road as ‘traffic controllers’, and the wonderful cooperation of the parents.”

Greater Dandenong business and major projects director Paul Kearsley said the council was investigating the issue.

“We are monitoring the operation of these signals and will make minor changes to assist where possible.

“This location is likely to remain busy during school pick up and drop off, and we encourage all road users to give particular consideration to road safety during these periods.”

Mr Kearsley said higher numbers of parents were using the car for pick up and drop off at the moment.

“As at all schools, we would encourage parents to use active modes such as walking or cycling, or park slightly further from the school and walk from there.

“These methods can reduce congestion, improve road safety and improve your health.”