Help sought after mum’s tragic death

Kristie Noade with her daughter Tamia as a baby.

By Cam Lucadou-Wells

Family and friends are rallying behind a seven-year-old daughter whose mother suddenly died at home in Doveton.

Kristie Noade, 33, had been stricken by type 1 diabetes for several years when she collapsed on the floor in the middle of the night.

Tragically, she was found by daughter Tamia the next morning on 28 July.

Raised in Dandenong West, Kristie was a shy, loyal, selfless and doting mother, best friend Kate Freeman said.

“She was always worrying about everybody but herself. She’d give anybody the last thing she had.

“She was just beautiful.”

Ms Freeman says there needs to be more diabetes awareness and a hotline for sufferers on how to manage high blood sugar emergencies.

When Kristie was diagnosed in 2018, she had fallen critically ill. And she’d been regularly in and out of hospital ever since.

As a single mum, Kristie could not afford a $300 pump that helped regulate her insulin. Each pump lasts just three months.

“She struggled a lot mentally with diabetes, though she didn’t put her problems on other people.

“Not many would understand how much you go through unless you’ve got it yourself.”

Kristie’s sister Robyn has set up a Go Fund Me page to help cover funeral costs, and support a “brighter future” for Tamia.

She wrote that losing the “strong, beautiful and loving” Kristie left a “massive hole in our hearts” and a big financial hit.

“Kristie would never want to be a burden on anyone and her one wish would be that Tamia is ok and that her future would be bright.”

Whatever can be raised will be set aside in a long-term deposit account for Tamia.

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