Return of Gremlns

Gs Phantom, Mike Wang, Korf and 700Kae back to the grind. Picture: Lord Levy

By Afraa Kori

After a seven-year hiatus, the South East rap group Gremlns is making a comeback to revive Australia’s music scene.

Formed in 2014, Cranbourne’s 700Kae, Gs Phantom, Lord Levy, Mobstah, Korf, and Dandenong’s Mike Wang have captivated local and global audiences through viral hits, shows, collaborations, and a feature in Germany’s pre-eminent hip-hop publication.

“We took time off from music to focus on ourselves as individual artists and to perfect our craft,” Gs Phantom and Mike Wang said.

“To add to that, we never really stopped making music, we were always in the studio making music but just never released anything. We have so many songs stored up that I couldn’t even tell you.

“We’ve gone through a lot, but it has made us stronger and understand each other more, so we can all agree that the break did benefit us.”

Gs Phantom said they had to return due to the direction that the music industry was taking today.

“The music scene is missing sauce and originality and that’s exactly what Gremlns is going to bring to the music scene here in Australia and the rest of the world, one day in God’s due time,” he said.

“Gremlns intends to bring good music, multiple shows and mostly being active in the scene we once helped create.

“All we can say is, whether you’re familiar with us or not, you will have a lot of catching up to do.”

Recently, the group members, excluding one, teased a possible reunion through a guest appearance at a music tribute and the launch of a studio, including a fashion brand deal.

“As far as teasing a Gremlns return we did that with our two latest shows, Mike Wang’s ‘Wish You Were Here’ and the ‘OTB’ show!” 700Kae said.

“We also linked up with Melbourne-based streetwear brand Unsolved for an exclusive 1 of 1 collab.

“They put our logo on the back of their shirts for us to wear at the show, further sporting the return of the Gremlns.”

“It was actually our first show back in more than five years as a whole group which was on 20 January this year and it was a night to remember,” Mike Wang said.

“It was like we never left, we were all hyped and ready to put on a show and it turned out great. We loved every bit of it and still talk about it today which fuels our motivation for what comes next.”

Mike Wang reassured fans that Gremlns had officially returned stronger and more committed than ever.

“We’re definitely more than ready for all good things that come to us,” he said.

“We decided that it was time to step back into the scene publicly and show the world we’re not only back but so much better. We’ve grown as individuals and have been through a lot together so we definitely have a lot to say.

“We can’t wait to show and do more, we’ve got some things planned for this year for sure. The only way we can prove it is to make things happen so keep an eye out for an announcement very soon!”

700Kae said their biggest goal was to leave a legacy in Southeast, wider Australia, and across the globe.

“Step one is to stamp ourselves back on the scene. Step two is to take over Australia and step three is obvious…world domination,” he said.

“We just want to make great and timeless music. It’s all we ever wanted and dreamed of.

“We want to stamp our names in the Australian music scene and be remembered as the kids who sparked something special for our city and country!

“For our community, we want to make our people proud. We want them to look at us like ‘damn these kids came from nothing and really made something of themselves’. We do this because we actually love the music, the lifestyle, the people, and the connections we can make along the way.”

With a pinch of experience, versatility, and a huge dose of confidence, Gremlns brought rap news to Germany with Juice magazine 2017 edition.

They were recognised as the most popular acts of the time and added a unique overseas perspective to hip-hop.