Spectacular moves to small screen

Last year''s VSSS performed before a live arena audience.

By Cam Lucadou-Wells

In a Herculean feat of organization, students’ homes have been turned to studios to stage a virtual version of the 25th annual Victorian State Schools Spectacular.

Carwatha College student Angela Trajkoska is one of more than 2000 students who rehearsed and performed on ZOOM to blend together a virtual choir for a made-for-TV special.

The event had been planned to be performed live at John Cain Arena in September

Covid put those plans on hold, but the show will go on – blending together hundreds of video and audio sessions.

As a principal vocalist for VSSS, Angela’s performance of songs such as Coming Home and Feels was recorded in a makeshift home studio.

As with 507 other students, the VSSS bumped in a professional camera, a laptop, two background screens and lighting into lounge rooms and sheds.

Film kits were rotated through the homes – with detailed cleaning in between.

Wardrobe, lighting, sound and stage management was guided through remote contact with the production team.

“Certainly nothing compares to singing with a live choir, all on stage,” Angela said of the unique event.

“However, considering the circumstances, it was an amazing experience which made me more appreciate the technology that comes behind this event.”

Angela was keenly waiting to see the final product.

“I would expect the production team to somehow unite all the separate recordings together.

“It’s something that I am very excited about and cannot wait to see how it is all put together.”

Angela has been part of VSSS for the past two years. She has loved singing “as far back as I can remember”.

She started piano lessons at 6 and singing lessons at Jaanz International Singing Academy at 8.

She joined the singing academy a year later, and writes and produces her own songs.

Musical director Chong Lim AM said this year’s event was a “true testament to the transformative power of music and music education”.

“I can’t wait for the rest of Australia to see their superb performances in the virtual concert we have collectively made.”

The one-hour special on the VSSS 2020 will be screened on the Seven Network.