Celebrate with 2020 hindsight

Helen Heath will celebrate the "gift of a new year".

By Helen Heath OAM, Interfaith Network of the City of Greater Dandenong development officer

As this year with all its challenges ‘winds down’ I have been reflecting on what that means following a year of high sprung tension and feelings of despair and anxiety.

What have I learnt – what 2020 hindsight do I now have?

Like a year drawing to a close, a mechanical clock ticks time away, the internal spirals slowly become less bound, relax and release energy and if not rewound – stop.

We are not clocks so how do we wind down after such a year and find that sacred space to refresh and renew?

As 2020 was not a year of perfect vision containing many emotions clouded with COVID-thinking, what wisdom do I ponder that will re-imagine a new year of resilient hope?

We approach another expected hot summer with all the challenges of bushfire season and I reflect on what absolute destruction and heartache this can bring.

Yet the bush itself stubbornly springs forth in little bits of greenery in spite of blackened earth and destroyed life.

There are little bits of greenery in my life that I will ponder in my heart as I wind down.

Time ticks by so quickly so I will contemplate what really matters.

Being able to finally see the people who matter most to me.

Hearing the laughter of my friend in the same room as me.

The welcome bark of my neighbours’ dog Beans.

The smell of freshly mown grass; a cuppa.

Witnessing the joy on people’s faces as they go about their daily lives at the local shops.

Bumping into friends not-seen for so long at the local shops

The bird that sings to the dawn while it is dark.

At dusk, the first star of summer’s night . . . and more.

Musician poet Leonard Cohen in his song Anthem sings “Ring the bells that can still ring; forget your perfect offering; there’s a crack in everything; that’s how the light gets in.”

I will reflect that as 2020 winds down, in spite of many cracks throughout, the light still got in and the bells will ring to celebrate Christmas and the gift of a new year.


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