Tanila chases down challenges

Tanila De Silva, with a ''Pro Tagger'' in hot pursuit during Ultimate Tag.


Endeavour Hills man Tanila De Silva is no stranger to the uncomfortable.

The banker faced an extreme test by pitting himself against parkour athletes and professional runners on the new TV game show Ultimate Tag.

“I saw it as an opportunity to expand my comfort levels,” Mr De Silva said.

“I have always been that person who gives everything a go.

“Whether that be backpacking to the furthest corners of the planet, bungee jumping, working on my original music to even eating tarantulas.”

In the show Ultimate Tag, “everyday Australians” run, spin, leap and tumble through a dynamic obstacle course as they try to evade ‘Pro Tagger’ athletes.

“I was definitely intimidated by the professional free runners or parkour athletes.

“I have no experience in this and was definitely going to be under the pump from the very first second.”

Mr De Silva has a philosophy of having a “red-hot crack” life.

He has trained in Muay Thai for more than 15 years, as well as being a martial arts instructor in full-contact karate.

His previous TV game-show appearances are The Chaser and Millionaire Hot Seat.

Nevertheless Ultimate Tag was the best experience of his colourful life, he says.

For him, there’s a near-addiction to putting himself into challenging positions.

“I live by two things, the first being it’s important to balance my karma.

“The second being I do not ever want to look back and think to myself that I could have, I should have done that.”

Ultimate Tag starts on Channel 7 on Sunday 7 March.