On the beat for eats

Police inspect the delicious pizzas on offer at Why Not? bakery.


Dandenong police members took a taste of Dandenong Market’s diverse menu during Cultural Diversity Week.

Senior Sergeant Brett Skurka and other members gathered a smorgasbord of fare from traders such as Kabul Kitchen, Si Kat Pinoy Eatscetrera, Why Not? Wooden Bakery, New Zealand Street Food, Dandee Donuts and King of Falafel.

The food was shared with 35 members of the Dandenong police station as well as divisional headquarters and regional commander Sharon McKinnon on 26 March.

“One of the greatest pleasures of working in Dandenong is spending time with our diverse community, sharing conversation and food, and developing mutual understanding and a strong sense of community,” Sen Sgt Skurka said.

“It’s also fantastic to see our local market and so many of our businesses across Dandenong coming back after the incredible difficulties that we all faced last year.”

Market general manager Jennifer Hibbs said local police had been an important part of the Covid-19 response in the past 12 months.

“We’re delighted that the team is able to share and learn more about different cultures through our traders”.

The market was set to round off Cultural Diversity Week with Dandenong World Fare on Sunday 28 March.