Plains sailing ahead for new rider

Caroline Overbeek says she's looking forward to the 'Yang' of tour cycling. 243204_06 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS


A Dandenong rider is set to broaden her horizons on the Great Vic Bike Ride for the first time.

Caroline Overbeek first took up recreational riding just over a year ago during Covid-19.

She often cycles 40 kilometres on the Dandenong Creek Trail, stopping for a break at a ice-creamery at the halfway-point.

In November, she’s set to click up a gear for the Great Vic Bike Ride by joining 3000 riders on more than 500 kilometres through the Grampians, the Art Silos and other Western Victorian sights.

“I’ve known of the Great Vic Bike Ride since I was little but always thought it was for the more experienced cyclist,” Ms Overbeek said.

“Chatting to previous participants and the staff at Bicycle Network has shown me that that doesn’t have to be the case.”

Aside from the ride, Ms Overbeek says she’s looking forward to the mini-village camp life with shared dining and entertainment.

“It sounds a great place to meet and chat with people, adding to that face-to-face sense of community that was missing for much of last year”.

The Yin Yoga teacher says the ride will bring “Yang to my Yin”.

“In my role as a Yin Yoga teacher at Yin Energy Balance, I spend much of my day demonstrating gentle stretches and relaxation techniques to clients.

“In both undertaking the Great Vic and teaching Yin Yoga I will experience a great balance of both cardio and non-cardio exercise.”

The 37th annual Great Vic Bike Ride 2021 visits Grampian National Park, grain lands in Rainbow, the Art Silos, arts hub Natimuk, Halls Gap, wildflowers in Pomonal and Seppelt Winery.

It is on Saturday 27 November – Sunday 5 December 2021.