Time to find out more about Exit!

Eve, Alison, Grum and Jacob Knight are all looking forward to Father's Day.

These days when you walk into a bottle shop, there can be hundreds of different craft beers on the shelves. Many of our neighborhood bottleshops now have multiple fridges dedicated to craft beer. If you are a beer drinker, or perhaps like to peruse the shelves at your local, no doubt you’ve asked yourself, what are all these beers and where on earth have they come from?! Well, it really has happened quite quickly, and at a rate only outdone by billionaires going to space! In fact, when we released our first beer back in 2014, there were fewer than 300 breweries in all of Australia. Now, only seven years later there are almost 800! Then, if you consider that each of those breweries is almost definitely making more than one type of beer (sorry VB!) … that’s a lot of beer!

So how do we, Exit Brewing, a tiny outfit based in Melbourne’s southeast with a team of just four, carve our niche and do it differently than all of those other breweries you ask? Well, we try and keep it simple. Great quality, consistent, honest and real; really delicious that is. Brewer boss Grum is ex-IT (ahhhh!) and has a very numeric mind, so he has created quite a reputation for his beer recipes. After living abroad for many years and sampling everything Europe and America had to offer, Grum has focused on creating beers that echo the traditional classics, but that are suitable for the Australian palate. He also likes dad jokes.

We were recently awarded Victorian Brewery of the Year by The Melbourne International Beer Competition 2021 and Stout Brewery of the Year in 2020. If it sounds like it might be time for a quick Exit you can find our beers at your local craft beer supplier and all First Choice Liquor Markets.

Exit Brewing, is situated at 10 Superior Drive, Dandenong South, 9131 6291.