Biodiversity make-over for saved park

Wildflowers in the biodiverse garden in Hanna Street, Noble Park. 386536_07 Picture: GARY SISSONS

A recently-saved parkland in Noble Park is blooming with native grasses and wildflowers as part of a new council design.

In 2021, Greater Dandenong Council bought the parkland with a stand of 26 river red gum trees from the developers of Yarraman Village estate.

It averted the woodland’s destruction after VCAT approved a further eight townhouses on the Hanna Street reserve.

Since striking the deal, the council’s parks officers have been transforming the site.

The new gardens have supported the continued good health of the red gums and created an attractive space for humans and wildlife, a council spokesperson said.

It started with an assessment of tree health, then a plan to repair soil health.

Building rubble was removed and mulching and understorey flora was planted at the base of trees.

Two native grass species Weeping Grass and Wallaby Grass have been used as part of a successful turf trial.

“Historically lawns in Greater Dandenong have consisted of exotic grasses from overseas, which can become problematic weeds when they escape managed lawns,” a council spokesperson said.

“Native grasses benefit a biodiverse environment.”

Bollards were also installed to keep out vehicles.

The project is part of the council’s program of planting ‘biodiverse gardens’ across the city.

“Through careful plant selection and appropriate garden management practices, Biodiverse Gardens help turn open space into valuable habitats for native species – including the Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoo,” the spokesperson said.

“A healthy biodiverse environment is also essential for human health and wellbeing.”

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