Where will we go?


Regarding the green wedge issue in Dandenong South and Bangholme.
I am a resident of Willow Lodge and my husband and I have lived here for 25 years.
We purchased our home in here as we could not, at the time, afford to live anywhere else.
Some of the people who live here have been here for longer and they are mostly pensioners or on limited incomes.
Some of the latest homes built here are expensive but the majority are not.
I’m 66 and my husband is 77 but a lot of the people who live here are older.
Where are we supposed to live? The place will either be sold, which will mean we will virtually get nothing for our homes.
If the land is zoned commercial, the rates will go sky high and the rent we pay for use of the land will be prohibitive.
We will be attending the council meeting on 14 December at 7pm.
Let’s hope our voice is heard or else for 600 people the future will be very bleak.
Robyn Davis,

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