Strassman to get social in Dandenong

David Strassman and the gang from iTedE. Picture: ADAM SHANE

By Casey Neill

Comedian David Strassman is looking forward to bringing his latest show to Dandenong.
He spoke to the Journal from his home in California, US, which had been evacuated due to wildfires.
“It was a bit challenging,” he said.
But his focus is now on his next run of shows, including two at Drum Theatre on Saturday 3 March, at 7pm and 9.15pm.
“I’ve never played there before and it looks like a beautiful theatre,” David said.
Fan favourites Chuck Wood and Ted E Bare return in iTedE, but he can’t get them off their tablets and phones.
“They are immersed in this online social media world,” he said.
“They’re not using their imaginations.
“So my show is about the fact that I’m afraid that all this technology and social media keeps us from using our imaginations.”
He said he worries about the damage it’s doing to the fabric of society – but the show’s not about sending audiences home with a message.
“In no way do I preach,” he said.
“I hold up a mirror to social media and let the audience decide.”
“It’s a comedy show.
“I’m a grown man, I play with dolls.
“It’s hilarious from the moment the show starts.”
David said the first half of the show featured “traditional hand-up-the-bum ventriloquism”.
In the second act he’ll use a handheld wireless remote control to operate five puppets simultaneously, and they have a six-way conversation.
His writer set the challenge and David put in the hard yards rehearsing.
“The response has been fantastic,” he said.
Visit or call 8571 1666 for tickets.

Enjoy a little of Strassman’s magic:


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