Push to head off extra holidays

Good egg. The State Government wants to introduce an Easter Sunday holiday.

A DANDENONG councillor has canned plans for two extra public holidays.
The State Government today released an impact statement which showed the two new public holidays would deliver as much as $312 million in benefit to the Victorian economy, but would also cost the economy $405 million.
Cr Peter Brown said the cost of declaring Easter Sunday and Grand Final Friday as public holidays was too high.
He is calling on the council to prepare an urgent submission opposing the extra holidays.
“My personal view is that the Victorian economy cannot afford such a holiday, and the economic impacts on Greater Dandenong businesses are unaffordable and unjustified,” he said.
“To close Victoria down on a Friday for a football procession for a match the following day is a waste.
“I enjoy a day off as much as anyone but I try to be responsible and not make my neighbour pay for it.
“I believe it is important for our council to prepare an economic impact statement as a matter of urgency for submission within the 28 day period.
“If necessary, I am prepared to move an Urgency Motion at council this Monday night to secure the preparation of an economic impact statement.
“I am confident that council, representing as it does not just homeowners but employers, is the best vehicle to provide a co-ordinated response on behalf of our business ratepayers.”
Acting Minister for Small Business Gavin Jennings said the introduction of Easter Sunday as a public holiday would ensure that workers who need to work over the Easter weekend are paid fairly.
“The previous Liberal Government removed the Easter Sunday trading restrictions in 2011 but did not make it a public holiday, forcing many workers to take time away from their family without fair compensation.”
He said other benefits include a boost to the state’s tourism and hospitality industries, with an increase in occupancy rates in hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars across the state.
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