More play saves the day

Isabelle and her mum Eva at Rugratz. 132256

By Casey Neill

Rugratz Playgroup was close to closure 18 months ago, but is now seeking more kids to support a second session.
The non-profit Keysborough group will hold a new 11.30am to 1pm session at Springers Leisure Centre on Thursdays from October.
Rugratz has been around for nine years and involves parents in planning and setting play experiences, supervision and packing up.
Mum Eva said Rugratz provided an opportunity for kids to play together and learn social skills in a safe and structured environment, and for mums to find support.
A yearly $40 playgroup insurance fee and a $55 fee per family per term covers rent and supplies.
Call the Rugratz enrolment officer on 0476 169 700 or email for details or to sign up.