Police role could be actor’s high drama

Andreea in character as Romeo.

By Casey Neill

Dramatic, much?
Dandenong High School’s Andreea certainly is – and proud of it.
The 17-year-old discovered her love for drama in her Year 7 class.
“As every awkward Year 7 person, I was really shy. I didn’t want to do it,” she said.
“I remember the first time I felt like drama was my thing.
“We were doing a play and I did something funny and my drama teacher laughed, everyone laughed.
“I thought ‘I like this feeling, I want to keep it’.”
The Year 12 student said she felt at home in drama class.
“I love it so much,” she said.
“I’ve been part of the school production since Year 10.
“The first time I did it I got a pretty good role for the first time auditioning.
“There were people who’d been there longer than me.
“In Year 11 I got one of the main leads.”
This year Andreea will be playing Romeo in a snapshot version of Shakespeare classic Romeo and Juliet as part of The Best of the Brits.
“This year it’s not really so much one continuous play – it’s a gala, it’s a collection of snippets,” she said.
“We’re doing a really short, fast version.”
It will feature the best of British music, television, film and plays and will be performed on Friday 11 and Saturday 12 August at the school’s Martin Culkin Theatre.
“If I could, after high school I would do something with drama,” Andreea said.
“Maybe I’d join a theatre group.
“My ultimate goal or dream would be to make it to Hollywood.
“But I see it more as a hobby.
“I want to be a police officer, a detective, part of the dog squad.
“I’m already doing a course.”