Opportunity for change

The existing City of Greater Dandenong logo and slogan.

By Casey Neill

Greater Dandenong could soon drop opportunity for celebration.
Councillors unanimously agreed to consider a new tag line for the municipality at the Monday 29 January council meeting.
Cr Roz Blades suggested the move, explaining that the City of Opportunity slogan had been in place without review since 2006.
“One thing people love about the city is the number of celebrations we have,” she said.
“I think it makes people joyful.”
She would like to see the City of Celebration take opportunity’s place but requested the council look at other options, too.
Her successful motion will prompt an internal review into whether City of Opportunity is still relevant and appropriate, and a report detailing alternatives.
Cr Sean O’Reilly said it was good to reassess from time to time.
“We always hope that the City of Greater Dandenong will be a city of opportunity going into the future,” he said.
He suggested that any change should be phased in “so that we don’t have to throw out old stationery and so on, so that we’re not wasting anything”.
Cr Blades acknowledged that the tag line appeared on municipal entry signs, council equipment, and more.
“The report will naturally outline the benefits and dis-benefits of any change and make preliminary suggestions of options that council might consider,” she said.
Before the City of Opportunity, Greater Dandenong was Melbourne’s Second City.
“City of Opportunity has served this city well,” Cr Blades said.
“It has been and remains a most apt tag line.
“But in 2018, the question may be asked, is there a more relevant tag line for this great city that can similarly and more appropriately advance the interests of the city, its people and its businesses into the next decade?”