Your say – Noble Park’s new Railway Station

Luke, 25, Patterson Lakes
It looks pretty good. I’m a train enthusiast.
The rail was nice and smooth. It felt different to going over the level crossings.

Yvonne, 32, Noble Park
I like it better than what was here before. It’s lovely.

Jim Gordon (with wife, Judy), Ringwood
If it’s down in a cutting it’s depressing and it divides the community.
It’s much better up in the air.

John, 28, Noble Park
This is pretty nice. It’s coming up really well.
It feels like a place to visit.
It’s a bit daunting (to be on the raised platform) but if it’s going to help with the traffic…

Almas, 24, Hallam
It’s efficient. It’s nice not to have to wait so long.
It’s much safer.
It’s nice to have an upgrade to Noble Park. It was run down.
I use the station twice a week.
It’s more appealing to the eye. It looks safer.

Rocky, 59, East Bentleigh
I think it’s an omen to the new future.
It’s fantastic. It’s really nice.

Jacqueline, 70, Keysborough
I use the Noble Park station park and ride.
I think it’s very good for the people who travel on the road.

Gill, 35, Noble Park
It’s pretty awesome. I love it and it’s beautiful.
No more will I be late to work (in Cranbourne) now the crossings are gone.
This looks more safe (than the old station).

Daulton, 41, from Noble Park shares his thoughts:

Daulton speaks about the new station

Posted by Dandenong Journal on Wednesday, 14 February 2018