Space to share

Chaw Po shares her skills.

By Casey Neill

Chaw Po is sharing the skills she learned through Space2b with other migrant women.
The Springvale South woman has gone from trainee to trainer in less than two years.
In June 2016, the Journal reported that social enterprise Space2b had brought its St Kilda-based mentoring program to Heritage Hill in Dandenong to help budding entrepreneurs to finesse and potentially monetarise their skills.
“When I finished my training at Heritage Hill they invited me to go to the shop (in St Kilda),” Ms Po said.
“They taught me how to run a business.”
She’s on a disability pension so couldn’t set up her own business.
“At the beginning I wanted to do a business but I had no idea where to contact, so that’s why I missed out,” she said.
“That’s why I want to encourage other ladies not to miss out like me.”
Ms Po is mentoring in sewing, crochet and knitting at Noble Park Community Centre.
Her students are working on lavender bags, children’s blankets, crochet koalas and more.
“They are happy because they’ve never done it before, especially in this country,” she said.
“They had no idea where to go, what to do.
“I am so happy because I want to share my experience and knowledge to other women. That’s why I’m doing it.”