Ration challenge for refugees

Jamie-Lee McGregor with her rations.

By Casey Neill

Jamie-Lee McGregor will live on the rations of a refugee to show her support and raise funds for aid.

The 28-year-old is taking part in the Ration Challenge during Refugee Week, from Sunday 17 to Sunday 24 June.

“When I first saw the small amount of rations I would be living on, I was shocked to say the least,” she said.

“It is truly devastating to think that people live on these rations, day in and day out.

“My family, friends and colleagues have sponsored me to take part in the challenge and the money raised will support refugees in camps, and other vulnerable communities, who desperately need our help.”

Ms McGregor lives in Dromana and works in Dandenong.

“I’ve been working in the refugee and asylum seeker field for about four years now as an administration officer,” she said.

“The company I work for supports asylum seekers who are unable to support themselves while resolving their immigration status.

“I’d been feeling really down about the situation experienced by refugees overseas for quite some time and had no idea how I could help.

“When I found out about the Ration Challenge through social media I immediately signed up to take part.

“Finally there was a way to make a real difference and to show refugees that we are with them, not against them.”

She’ll be living on a small amount of rice, flour, lentils, chick peas, beans, fish and oil.

“That’s it! No coffee, no sugar, no alcohol,” she said.

“(Organiser) Act for Peace has set up a system of rewards where I can ‘earn’ extra ingredients when I reach certain fundraising goals,” she said.

“My goal is to raise above $1000 and I’ve already raised $448.38 thanks to many generous donations.”

The money raised through the challenge will help to provide food, medicine and education for Syrian refugees living in camps in Jordan.

The Ration Challenge has raised close to $6 million over the past four years.

Visit my.rationchallenge.org.au/jamie-lee1 to support Ms McGregor.