Agony, ecstasy at Parkfield Reserve

186015_11 Maree Davenport and Boyd Fraser.

By Cam Lucadou-Wells

In sport, we speak of winners and losers, and the clichéd “agony versus the ecstasy”.

The contrasts were writ large in the wake of the Maurice Kirby Velodrome decision on 10 December.

For Parkfield Reserve’s cricket, soccer and tennis clubs, they can now dream of a rosier future on expanded fields and a roomy, modern pavilion.

Meanwhile cyclists have vowed to defy the looming demolition of the cycling track. They say they will continue to fight to save the velodrome.

The re-formed Noble Park Dandenong Cycling Club has renewed its call for recruits, set up a website and got a sponsor on board.

“The fight’s not over,” spokesperson Boyd Fraser said.

“The club will continue. I hope the club will go from strength to strength.”

He said the Greater Dandenong Council decision was “disappointing but exactly what I expected” despite the group’s vigorous campaign across radio, print and social media over several months.

“If the whole process was done in an even-handed and thorough manner, we wouldn’t have to go to such extraordinary lengths to be heard.”

Mr Fraser said it was an “injustice” that the new club wasn’t given three extra months to prove its viability.

“I think it is grossly unfair.

“I would have thought that when Cycling Victoria gave their support to the club that was a game-changer. But clearly not!”

On the other side, Parkfield Cricket Club secretary David Swiezbiolek felt relief that the five-year project was endorsed.

Within that estimated timeline, he’s not yet sure when the long-awaited extended oval will be unveiled.

Nor when they can move from cramped changerooms to a larger, female-friendly pavilion.

However the club can now plan for a bigger juniors and female program, as well as more school clinics.

“At least we know (the decision) is now done,” Mr Swiezbiolek said.

“We’ll continue to work on these plans in the knowledge we have the ability to expand.”


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