The Glade ‘under threat’

By Cam Lucadou-Wells

Greater Dandenong Council has approved three double-storey townhouses in a “unique” narrow cul-de-sac in Dandenong despite congestion concerns.

Six neighbours objected to the proposal for 1 The Glade, a quiet neighbourhood of large land blocks that borders the Dandenong Creek reserve.

Among their concerns were noise, parking and traffic congestion, including a glut of cars parked on the scenic grove’s nature strips.

Council planning officers however recommended that the proposal on a sizeable 797 square-metre block met Res Code requirements including for traffic and parking.

Councillors duly approved the plan at a meeting on 10 September.

At the meeting’s public question time, residents called for No Standing signs, a ban on parking on nature strips and to reclassify the street as a “path”.

Councillor Matthew Kirwan said there was a concern about the “collective impact” of townhouse developments upon The Glade’s “unique nature”.

He said individual townhouse applications may meet council requirements but “the collective impact is the concern”.

Cr Kirwan asked at the meeting whether the area could be rezoned or protected by a parking overlay.

City planning director Jody Bosman said the carriageway was about 750 millimetres narrower than similar reservations.

But there was no “strategic justification” for changing the neighbourhood’s General Residential Zone 1, he said.

“To start applying overlays on a patchwork basis … in any municipality is not seen as a really good form of planning.”

The council planner’s report stated the development would respect the “preferred neighbourhood character” – which already comprises some townhouses.

“The proposal is of a high quality urban design, with physical recession, articulation, varied use of materials, textures and other visual interest,” the report stated.

“The overall layout allows space for acceptable landscaping treatments such as a significant canopy tree and shrubbery plantings.”

A council engineering director told the meeting the council would review the need for parking restrictions in the area.