Life raft for Covid’s whirlpools

By Ursula Aruma, of the Sathya Sai International Organisation

Right now everyone is dealing with emotional adjustments in our daily lives.

It becomes harder to do our daily activities. The anxiety, depression and emotional stress is huge and it will take long to understand, accept and adjust to these changes.

This has been an overwhelming experience of anxiety and frustration for many of us. Sometimes there’s anger and confusion in the early stages of isolation as to why you cannot see your loved ones.

Today, we come to say we care about you and pray that there be a message of ‘hope’.

With unified prayers from all faith leaders, and meditating on love, we can change the world.

You are not alone nor separate from others.

Life is precious. Look around you, open your heart, and believe in love.

Challenges and ups and downs come up in life because of a reason. Nothing happens by chance.

We have to learn from them and live a life with no regrets.

Life is a gift within your heart, a joy from nowhere.

The ocean of life is a vast mystery. It is boundless and as old as time.

It has in its womb chaotic whirlpools, raging currents, and today, it has the face of a mysterious pandemic that respects no one.

Hope comes in the form of a tidy mind, a disciplined life, the embedded patterns we follow – day in and day out – that get us from dawn to dusk.

A tidy mind, a disciplined lifestyle provides the sturdy boat of confidence to cross the ocean of life, with its ever-changing ups and downs.

Humans, by their nature, have to engage themselves in some action or other.

They have to be active, either physically or mentally or both.

The message is: “We can do this together”.

Light the lamp of love in your hearts and send it to others with your thoughts of love; impart courage and confidence to others in need.

The ups and downs of life make it impossible for you to live happily without any anxiety or bother. Life is a mosaic of pleasure and pain; grief is an interval between two moments of joy, peace is the interlude between two wars.

You have no rose without a thorn, but the diligent picker will avoid the pricks and gather the flower.

There is no bee without the sting. Cleverness consists in gathering the pollen, nevertheless.

Troubles and travail will follow you, but you must not allow them to deflect you from your tidy mind, your disciplined life, the established patterns that carry you forward day by day with self-confidence and self-respect.

I earnestly pray that as a community we will unite together for the upliftment of all people and commit ourselves to good deeds.