Cheers to world-class beers

Brownstone Microbrewery at Atura Dandenong won a swag of medals at the Australian International Beer Awards.


An Eumemmerring-based boutique brewery has tasted success over some of the world’s biggest brewers.

Brownstone Micro Brewery – which is part of Atura Dandenong – won gold, silver and bronze at the Australian International Beer Awards.

Its gold-winning brew was the Doveton IPA in the best new world-style pale ale category.

Doveton Stout won silver in the sweet stout category, and Doveton Lager bronze for the European-style lager section.

The beverages were crafted by master brewer Steve ‘Hendo’ Henderson and Matt John.

The awards conducted by the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria are said to be the largest beer competition in the world, with 2500 entries from 400 breweries in 21 countries.

Atura Dandenong general manager Ryan Crocker said the results were “incredible recognition for a micro-brewery going up against some of the biggest players in the game”.

It was testament to the brewery’s “passion and commitment to great beer and brewing excellence”.

The world-beating Doveton IPA, mixed from Australian and US hops, was a “complex brew with fruity flavour notes”, Mr Crocker said.

The “vanilla milk” Doveton Stout was described as a “full and smooth, creamy stout”.

Doveton Lager was conceived during lockdown in 2020, knowing it was a favourite style of beer among customers.

“We wanted to create the best lager we could to reflect the tastes of the local community – and it is exciting to see the brew already so highly regarded against its competitor set.”