Looking Back

Retiring councillor John Kelly in 2016.


100 years ago

20 October 1921

Public Notices

Dandenong Improvement Association

A special meeting of members will be held in the council room, Friday evening, October 21 at 8.30. Business: Band proposition and Swimming baths. The meeting called for Friday last, to consider the erection of a band rotunda in the park lapsed, because nearly everyone interested had forgotten.

50 years ago

19 October 1971

Mothers on Warpath

The Journal published allegations last week of a local baby show being rigged. The resulting outrage made the front page of this week’s edition. Opening quotes including “You can’t rig a baby show” and “a storm of protests from mothers“. The article goes on to quote a number of individuals who strenuously rejected the claims. An anonymous women labelled the accusations “a lot of rot and rubbish”. The organisers are more to be admired than abused. Mrs V Pigdon described the complaints “fantasies … kicking up a stink”. A number of responses came from women who themselves had organised such competition. In their opinion, rigging is not possible. The children are only identified by numbers, and that each judge has a personal opinion of what makes a baby “beautiful”. Even Sigrid Scherrer, proprietor of a city modelling agency, commended the organizers Mrs Churchill and Mrs Ansell for the work they have done. She goes on to point out that some parents can be upset and disappointed with the decisions make.

20 years ago

15 October 2001

Taliban ‘may be here’ claim

An Afghan anti-war crimes campaigner believes it would be “naïve “to think Taliban sympathisers could be living in the Greater Dandenong. Sayed Hassib Moslin, a member of the Afghans Against War Criminals organisation formed in 1994 and also operating in three other countries, said sympathisers could have been here for years. “We oppose Taliban, we oppose Osama bin Laden, and when I heard that America had attacked bin Laden I thanked God,” he said. “Bin Laden has nothing to do with Islam, he has his own desire for power, driven by hatred of the West” he said. “It would be naïve not to think that Taliban sympathisers could be living in the Dandenong region.”

5 years ago

17 October 2016

Quarter of a century of service

Greater Dandenong CEO John Bennie placed a box of tissues at retiring councillor John Kelly’s seat before his final council meeting got underway. The 25-year local government veteran spoke with plenty of emotion but managed to get through his goodbyes without shedding a tear. He even managed a few laughs as he reflected on his decision to not recontest his Silverleaf Ward seat at the Saturday 22 October council elections. Cr Kelly’s youngest son Matt was just two weeks old when he attended his first meeting in 1991. “Matt’s about six foot three now,“ he said. In a public question time, resident Colin Riddiford wished Cr Kelly “all the best on behalf of thousands of ratepayers he’s helped”.

Compiled by Dandenong & District Historical Society