Lions to host cancer screening unit

The Lions V Districts Cancer Foundation Cancer Awareness Unit is coming to Springvale on 13 and 14 August. 290871_01

By Marcus Uhe

The Lions Club of Lyndhurst and District, in association with the Lions Club of Dandenong Supper and the Lions Club of Dandenong, is hosting the Lions V Districts Cancer Foundation Cancer Awareness Unit in the coming weeks.

On the weekend of 13 and 14 August, the unit will be stationed at Bunnings Warehouse in Springvale, providing free skin checks from 9am to 3.30pm on both days.

According to the Cancer Council of Victoria, 2000 Australians die from skin cancer each year.

The service will be operated by fully trained, certified and professionally supervised volunteers, and serve as a valuable resource for local people to access not only the skin check, but timely information about skin care and self-checking techniques.

Following the skin check, visitors will be issued with a referral to their GP if there are any suspect spots or lesions.

Susan Eyton has been volunteering with the awareness unit for nearly 18 months.

Ms Eyton and her fellow demoscopists are looking for more than just melanomas, but any issue that is likely, or has the potential, to cause harm.

“We’re trained to identify what isn’t right on a person’s skin,” Ms Eyton said.

“Melanoma is the one that’s scary because people have a perception of what it looks like, but the most common skin cancer is a basal cell carcinoma.

“All skin cancer cells give us clues as to what’s going on.”

Australia’s close proximity to the equator and predominantly fair-skinned population are contributing factors to Australia’s high incidence of skin cancer, according to the Cancer Council of Australia.

Early detection is critical in treating the illness, Ms Eyton said.

“This unit is going to be going all over Victoria – rural and remote areas that don’t have the facilities. People out there don’t always make the time to go and get the skin check.

“The earlier we get onto these things the better.”

The airconditioned van has three fully equipped screening rooms and an entry foyer, as well as a lift for those with a disability or requiring assistance.

Bookings are essential and can be made by contacting the Lions Club of Lyndhurst and District Vice District Governor, Lyn Perera, direct on mobile 0400 146 232 or email