Meet the Yarraman Ward candidate – PHILLIP DANH

Phillip Danh, ALP


Suburb of residence: Noble Park

How long have you lived in Greater Dandenong? My entire life, I am very grateful to have lived in our community.

Political party (past or present): Not endorsed by any party. Proud Labor values and member since I was 17.

Occupation, business/employer name: I am currently completing a Law degree at Monash University. I have previously worked in community engagement and administration including with various local electorate offices.

Property interests: Nil

Business interests: Nil

Three most important issues for your ward:

· Privatisation must stop! I will lead the fight against plans to privatise council Aged and Home Care services.

· Youth engagement is a serious concern for our neighbourhood. Council must provide services to improve both their futures and local community safety.

· Local community groups, sporting clubs and volunteers need more support.

Describe your involvement in the local community:

I’m grateful to have lived in our community my whole life and have been involved in sporting clubs. Working with State and Federal Government electorate offices I’ve helped hundreds of people resolve problems with Government. I was raised with values of fairness, equality, community service and hard work, and have served as President of the local Labor team.

Why are you standing for election?

Privatisation of Council services must stop! I’m a leading voice in the fight against plans to privatise Council Home and Aged Care services for local seniors. Too many councillors have held their position for decades and no longer work hard enough for everyone. It’s time for a fresh approach for our local community and I’ll bring new energy and real commitment. The Council should be working harder to support local businesses and attract new investment, to create more local jobs for the future. I’ll work to re-focus the Council on basic services – like rubbish cleanup, road repairs, street lighting and graffiti removal in Noble Park and Dandenong West. I’ll also champion more funding for local sporting clubs and grants to help volunteer groups.

What is your campaign budget? I don’t actually know yet as I’m still asking friends, locals and people I’ve worked with for small donations. I hope to have a few thousand dollars to print leaflets which volunteers are distributing.

Who are your campaign donors? How much have each contributed? Family, friends, former workmates are chipping in what they can afford. I’ll fully declare everything as required by law.

What councillors, ex-councillors, MPs or ex-MPs have assisted or advised your campaign? Former Mayor and Living Treasure of the City of Greater Dandenong, Roz Blades AM has been a wonderful advisor and inspiration along with former Mayor and Yarraman Ward Councillor Eden Foster. I’ve also tried to reach out to as many local Councillors and MPs as possible to get advice but am ultimately running my own campaign.

Who will you direct your preferences to? I’m running to win so hopefully my preferences won’t be distributed. I’m still getting to know the other Candidates and will publish my How to Vote card soon.


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