Keysborough’s Harshita Sharma wins Ms Australia title

Harshita Sharma is set to fly to the US after being crowned Ms Australia. 391842_03 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS

Harshita Sharma has been crowned Ms Australia in the recent Legacy International Pageant.

As a result of this success, the Keysborough resident will depart for the USA in August to represent Australia and to perform further with women from other countries.

She is excited to travel to America for “further exposure at an international level to work with big brands”.

The Legacy International Pageant consists of an interview in which the judges ask contestants questions and score them on their responses.

Contestants are then required to participate in a show comprising five rounds, an entrance dress, an outfit resembling fun fashion, a fitness round, another public Q&A round and finally a gown round.

Harshita stated that her purpose in competition was to “give [herself] a platform where [she could] empower women and talk about the confidence they require”.

These pageants are not all sashes and crowns. “There are limitations of competing such as expenses like buying jewellery and outfits for the show,” says Harshita.

“Sometimes the mindset gets in the way of motivation, so finding a stable mindset is very important.”