By Casey Neill

A corner-cutting truck almost struck a Greater Dandenong councillor who was highlighting the dangerous practice in Noble Park North.
Councillor Zaynoun Melhem had to jump from the vehicle’s path during a photo shoot at Browns and Police roads with the Journal on Wednesday 16 August.
He was crouched on the footpath near the roadside when a truck driver swung off the road and onto the pavement.
Cr Melhem raised this exact issue at the Monday 14 August Greater Dandenong Council meeting.
He said trucks turning left into Browns Road from Police Road were regularly driving over the footpath.
Cr Melhem said this not only damaged the footpath but was “a disaster waiting to happen”.
“The kids from Nazareth and Carwatha College are always waiting on there,” he said.
He said the council had previously patched the broken footpath with crushed rock but there was no deterrent for the truck drivers to stop the behaviour.
Cr Melhem suggested bollards could do the job, but asked the council’s engineering services director Julie Reid to look into the situation.
Ms Reid advised the Journal that VicRoads managed the intersection.
VicRoads’ Metro South East Movement and Safety Manager Sasha Yarwood said the road authority would “take this feedback on board from council and monitor the operation of the intersection to make sure it is safe for all road users”.

  • mr charlie

    Far too much reliance has been put on cameras and
    spreadsheets to curb accidents. This is pure and simple, poor undisciplined
    driving. It falls within the category of dangerous driving and should be
    enforced as such. South East Traffic management division of Victoria Police
    concentrate far too much on easy prey at the expense of issues like this. It
    involves getting off your backsides and putting feet on the ground otherwise
    these issues become par for the course with some truck drivers. There are some
    truck drivers out there that raise a real question mark. HOW HAVE THEY GOT A

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  • Alan Hood

    Photo: Google Maps
    I agree with mr charlie generally; we have a problem with compliance and enforcement at the bottom end of the truck industry. A few years ago we were about to release a very long wheelbase truck with a 4.3 metre high body, and some doubt had been expressed about it’s suitability for Urban use. I was given a truck and a photography crew to capture any evidence, and started in Doveton, driving on every impossible road I could find, including the Lonsdale St service lanes, and the lanes off Thomas St, and nowhere within the Dandenong CBD did we come close to getting stuck r scraping traffic lights or buildings. However……a truck is allowed up to a maximum turning circle kerb to kerb of 20 metres, and it will trail the inside rear wheels to a small degree. A driver can offset this by either starting the turn half a lane wide, or finishing the turn half a lane wide. Here, a semi trailer driver is likely to be cramped into the left lane of Police Road by traffic density (shown here). In the original Browns Rd width there would have been room to drive forward, crossing the centre and then down Browns Rd, but Browns Rd has been squeezed to fit two northbound lanes instead of one, so now the truck, going to the Noble Park North. Industrial Zone is cramped into turning left lane to left lane. The footpath has been rounded, but the design is faulty – it’s too sharp for semi trailers, B Doubles (who daily use non-designated roads illegally, and the new Double Road Trains. Demolishing the house is one fix or maybe an elevated footbridge. The tyre tracks will show what the radius SHOULD be. Full marks to “Lucky” Melhem for putting up a fight!

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