Pillars of Indian art

Sohail Yamin and Yoge Biju next to the Thoonu street art. 186185_09 Picture: GARY SISSONS

By Cam Lucadou-Wells

Street art has bloomed on the poles of Dandenong’s Indian precinct.

Aritsts Sohail Yamin, of Berwick, and Yoge Biju, of Hallam, were commissioned to decorate power poles in the Foster Street streetscape.

Mr Yamin’s artwork was inspired by ‘peace and love’, in the vein of Indian truck art.

He wove together symbols, national flowers and peace slogans from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Fiji.

There’s a fabric motif from Pakistan, a lotus symbol revered in Sinhalese culture and a peacock that holds value across several cultures, he said.

Mr Yamin also depicted the slogans in languages across the five countries.

“I wanted to make it representative of all regions.”

Ms Biju’s bright ochre design Thoonu celebrated the Indian pillar – a key design element in Indian monuments.

It is placed deliberately to complement the nearby Museum India as well as being a gateway from the railway station to the precinct, she said.

The images depict a male and female in a love pose, conveying “friendliness, harmony and welcoming”.

Greater Dandenong Mayor Youhorn Chea said the art added a layer of Indian culture and identity to the precinct.

“The street art program began with three large scale murals on Mason Street,” he said.

“We have continued to add colour and vibrancy to the precinct with artwork adorning shop fronts, blank walls and verandas.”

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