Bearing the pain

by Yousef Reyhani from Baha’i Community Greater Dandenong

Sometimes the face we show to the world needs to be one of strength, despite the chaos we harbour beneath.

The reality of our society is rapidly changing, faster than what we can adapt to.

We are witnessing a catastrophic event, that not only challenges us in our physical and materialistic progress.

But also, testing our spiritual and emotional tether to the core of our beliefs and values.

We wish that none of this could have happened in our time.

But it is not for us to lay the terms of how we want the world to respond to our wants and needs.

But rather, we were gifted with the greatest tool to deal with the current unfortunate events.

Adaptability to rapid change and our response to them.

You see, we cannot tether with the flow of time and the dark turns it may take.

But we can change our approach to it.

It is painful. To witness such calamities unfolding right in front of our eyes.

But we are seeing it, and we are lucky to witness it.

We are at the edge of a global shift.

Humanity is on the verge of awakening, and our actions through time and history determined how our future will take shape.

Confused, scared, insecure and hesitant for change.

Fear not, as we approach the gates of great revelations, mankind is slowly but surely coming to understand that we cannot progress alone.

But rather, united we stand at the canyon of evil.

We must shed light on the lost souls that are left wandering around aimlessly looking for meaning.

Those with great knowledge, power, and skills owe it to those who do not possess those qualities.

Instead, spread the knowledge, educate the illiterate, and shed light into the darkness of deep forest despair and loss.

Illuminate paths, that they may progress further in life and carry humanity through the mist of temptation from the material minds.

We will fall and slip.

But just because someone stumbles and loses their way, it doesn’t mean they’re lost forever. Sometimes, we all need a little help.

Always remember – pain will make you stronger.

If you allow yourself to feel it, embrace it, it will make you more powerful than you ever imagined.

It’s the greatest gift we have: to bear … pain without breaking.

And it comes from the most human part of us: hope.