World premiere for inspiring doco

Dandenong North Primary School teacher Azemina Tresnjic, principal Kevin Mackay and film-maker Amel Tresnjic at Giving Back's premiere. 292977_02 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS

By Cam Lucadou-Wells

The latest episode of an acclaimed home-grown documentary series has made its world premiere in Dandneong.

Series creator Amel Tresnjic was among the audience who watched the first screening of Giving Back at Dandenong Civic Centre on 26 August.

The doco features several former students at Dandenong North Primary School who have returned as teachers. One of them is Tresnjic’s wife Azemina.

Tresnjic said he was “very excited to share it with the world”.

“Giving Back is a unique and inspiring story of former students returning to their former primary school to give back and make a difference to following generations.

“Not only did they return but in many cases the school and their teachers inspired them to become teachers themselves.”

He said their motivation to “give back” came from the “strong impact their own teachers had in becoming who they are”.

“It is truly an honour making this film as it highlights the importance of giving back.”

Tresnjic has won 55 international film festival awards including for other films featuring Dandenong North Primary School.

They include Singfest: The Literacy of Music, The Reading Factory, Talk for Life: English as and Additional Language.