Learning and the wellbeing of students

Noble Park Secondary College's priority is to ensure that all students demonstrate growth.

Pam Dyson, College Principal

We are proud that we had 100% pass rate for our VCE students in 2021. We increased our median score to 28, and celebrated our DUX of 2021, Hayriya Abudureheman, with a fabulous ATAR of 94.95.

Our priorities for 2022 will be in 2 areas:

· Student Learning

· Student Wellbeing

In 2022, we will introduce a six period day to cater for the addition of goal setting and career development classes for our year 7-10 students, and important life-skills programs for our year 11 and 12 students, including wellbeing, career information, study skills and organisation. We continue student engagement activities through an extended House system.

We continue to regularly monitor our student achievement by continuous reporting to our parents throughout the year.

Our College has a consistent teaching Instructional Model, which emphasises the clear purpose of the lesson, and how students can demonstrate they have understood the expectations of the lesson. Our priority is to ensure that all students demonstrate growth.

In 2022 we will continue our ‘catch up program’ including Maths and English intervention for years 7-10 giving individual and/or small group assistance to identified students

Programs we include:

v House, Interschool and State participation in sporting teams.

v Debating Competitions.

v Chess Competitions.

v Australian Mathematic and Olympiad Competition.

v Year Level Camps.

v Redback Theatre Group.

v Student Leadership programs.

v Peer support training for year 9 students.

v Opportunities to participate in the ‘Duke of Edinburgh Awards Program’.

On Thursday, 10 March 10, we will be opening our school to small group tours as well as an Online Information Evening at 6-30pm.

Our College is proudly catering well for our students to achieve our school motto of their “Best Always”.

Please contact the Noble Park Secondary College on 9546 9066, for an appointment or personalised tour.