Keep your kids busy and the planet happy

Prepare yourself with a variety of fun kids activities for the next school holidays! (iStock)

With the next round of school holidays quickly approaching, many parents and guardians may be scratching their heads trying to think of activities to keep their kids occupied.

Read on to find out a few fun ideas to keep the kids busy in a sustainable way:

-Make your own backyard games: rather than buying new toys for the holidays, use a few common household items to create some fun games. For example, find empty plastic bottles, paint them white with red stripes and use tennis balls to make your own pin bowling set.

-Go on an insect scavenger hunt: create a checklist of insect pictures of the bugs and other critters found in your backyard. Go outside with the kids and a magnifying glass and teach them about the little beasties around your home.

-Build a little veggie garden. Pick up a small garden bed from your local hardware store, along with enough bags of soil, manure and other products to fill it. Plant some easy veggie seedlings and use some icy pole sticks to write the name of the plants in the garden.

Not only will these activities keep your kids entertained and happy for some time over the holidays, they will also benefit the planet!

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