Heavyweight gets ready to land

Paul Thorne will be at the Hallam Hotel on Tuesday 25 June. 100563_01

SINGER song-writer Paul Thorn is touring Australia for the first time in June, and the Hallam Hotel is on his list.
Paul will perform alongside singer-song writer Kristy Akers.
Paul has created an innovative and impressive career, pleasing crowds with his muscular brand of roots music – bluesy, rocking and thoroughly Southern American.
The singer hasn’t only been part of the music industry, but has worked in a furniture factory, jumped out of aeroplanes and was a professional boxer.
Among those who value originality, inspiration, eccentricity and character – as well as a talent that hovers somewhere on the outskirts of genius, the story of Paul Thorn is an interesting one.
Thorn reveals his fascinating personal history on the album Pimps and Preachers, addressing that subject on the title and in the intriguing ’family portrait’ that he painted for the cover.
Paul Thorn has opened for artists such as Mark Knopfler to Sting, and has appeared on major US television shows such as Late Night with Conan O’Brien and Jummy Kimmel Live.
He has also received numerous US National Public Radio features, and charted on the Billboard Top 100.
Now, he is ready to take on Australia!
The performer will take to the Hallam Stage on Tuesday 25 June.