Pumas left fuming

The Lyndale Women's team at training. Picture: FACEBOOK

By Nick Creely

The Lyndale Football Club were left furious after rival Southern club Hallam initially elected to decline a transfer for more than a dozen of its women’s players.

Competition rules state that “no more than two players will be permitted to be transferred from one Member Club to another Member Club, in any one season unless both Member Clubs involved in the transfer agree that more than two players can be transferred”, however the Pumas allege the two clubs were in agreeance that all the women – not just two players – would be cleared to the club for the 2018 SFNL Women’s League.

Southern Football League CEO Mike Palmer said Hallam were well within its rights if they wished to do so, and from a League perspective don’t see any reason to look into the matter further.

“The rule is known to all clubs when it’s the number of players between one club to another – it’s designed to stop mass exodus, so clubs have certainty about their players year to year,” Palmer said.

“Hallam only has to transfer two players; it’s only allowed if the club they are leaving actually allows it. It’s not that complicated, and Hallam have met the requirements by transferring two players.”

However on Friday, the two clubs were in dialogue and have agreed to end the disagreement between the two clubs, in a positive sign for the women in question who are now likely to be granted their desired clearance to the Pumas.

While Palmer admits the situation is not ideal from a League perspective there are simply no grey areas in the rules, but they will be reviewed in due course.

“We’ve been in communication with both clubs, and we’ve had a look at it to make sure it’s within the rules, and it is, and we’ve spoken to the clubs,” he said.

“There’s no grey around the rule, and the decision to transfer sits with the club, and they have to transfer two, and if anymore it’s up to them.

“Given the newness of the women’s league, there’s an opportunity to review the rules and we’ll do that through the course of the season.”

Star News Group contacted the Hallam Football Club, but would not comment on the matter.


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