Family mourns

94051_01: Cranbourne North man Jensen Rozario, 29, died last week in a motorbike accident.

A KEYSBOROUGH family is mourning the loss of their ‘happy-go-lucky’ son and brother who was killed in a motorcycle crash this month.
Cranbourne North man Jensen Rozario, 29, died on Sunday 3 February about 2.20am after he lost control of his friend’s motorbike he was riding along on Fleetwood Drive, Narre Warren, and struck two parked cars.
His mother Josephine Rozario has recalled the night she lost he eldest son in the tragic accident.
Ms Rozario said Jensen had been at a party with friends and his brother Shannon that night.
“My husband (Stanley) and I went to pick up Shannon just after midnight and Jensen walked his brother out to the car,” she said.
“We spoke for about 20 minutes, he gave me a kiss goodbye and told me he loved me.”
That was the last conversation Ms Rozario would ever have with her son.
The police knocked on her door about 4am to tell her the devastating news.
“It didn’t even strike me at first that it could have even been about Jensen,” Ms Rozario said.
“They then asked me to have a seat and I was still wondering what it could be about.
“They asked me if I had a son named Jensen Rozario and it was then that my heart stopped beating.
“I was shocked and starting crying straight away.
“I just thought, it can’t be him – I only spoke to him a couple of hours before that.”
“He doesn’t even own a motorbike.
“I said, ‘it can’t be him’ but the police said a friend had identified his body.
“Even after all that, I was still hoping that it wasn’t him.”
Ms Rozario said Jensen’s death had devastated the family.
“It has really rocked the family,” she said.
“It’s pulled the rug from under our feet.”
She said they would remember Jensen as a happy-go-lucky guy who loved life.
“He had a very generous and caring nature,” she said.
“He would go above and beyond the call of duty to help anybody.
“He had a tattoo across his chest saying ‘only God can judge me’.
“He was always telling his family and friends to never judge anybody.
“He was also full of mischief,” she finished with a smile.
Jensen grew up in the Keysborough area with his family, before moving to Cranbourne North four years ago when he married his wife Natalia.
He attended school at St Johns in Dandenong and Chandler Secondary College and was involved with the Keysborough Cricket Club in his younger years.
Ms Rozario said he had many great loves in life, number one being his wife.
“His other great passion was fishing,” she said.
“He loved everything about fishing and had all the equipment and gadgets available.
“He didn’t have children – but his pets, three dogs and a cat, were like children to him.
“He also loved spray painting cars and bikes – he knew everything about it.
“He also loved his friends who he was very close to.
“They are all just trying to deal with his death.
“Especially his brother Shannon, they were very close.”
Ms Rozario said her son’s funeral, which was held on Friday, was a testament to the person he was, with between almost 1000 attending.
“He was very loved,” she said.