Ratepayers to speak up

Sean O’Reilly.

THE public will be given a more audible voice at council meetings under a proposal by Greater Dandenong councillor Sean O’Reilly.
At a council meeting last month, Cr O’Reilly called for a change to local laws to allow the public to ask their questions directly at council meetings.
He said the proposal wouldn’t “open the floodgates to spurious or vexatious questions” but allow the public to engage more “face-to-face” with the couuncil.
“The public are not a ’pack of hyenas’ wanting to tear the council apart with questions.
“Many times they just want information on how council is spending their rates.
“Why can’t we trust the public to do the right thing?”
Cr O’Reilly conceded there would need to be some “moderation” to stop residents asking repetitive questions “designed to wear down the council’s resolve”.
Under current local laws, the public may write questions, which are read aloud by the council’s chief executive at the meeting.
Corporate services director Mick Jaensch said the change would require a 28-day community submission process and then be gazetted.


  1. Ratepayers to speak up –
    Yea- and pigs will fly. – Dandenong Council seems to have forgotten that it has reduced the question the public can asked to 3. It is great to publish and proclaim more transparency and at the same time restrict question, reply but either don’t answer at all or declare a question as answered and everything else the public is not allowed to know will be declared confidential or give wrong facts as answers. Recently Dandenong has been declared as “the most secretive City in Victoria” (I can only support that description). Transparency according to the Dandenong council consists of secret council briefings, limited questions, Questions declared as confidential. Wrong facts as answers etc.
    Gerhard Vervoorst

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