Plaza website hacked, restored

The Dandenong Plaza website home page on Sunday 6 March.


HACKERS have replaced the Dandenong Plaza website home page with a disturbing image of a Christmas-themed clown.
An evacuation at the shopping centre on Saturday was unrelated, a plaza spokeswoman said.
The Turk Hack Team claimed responsibility for the hack in text on the altered home page, which included a black background and a clown in a Christmas hat with bloodied facial scars.
A comment on social media site Reddit claimed the text on the right translated as “We’re all gonna end up dead anyway, so might as well hack some websites”.
On Monday morning, led to a page with a photo of happy shoppers and the message, “Our new website coming soon”.
The plaza spokeswoman confirmed that on Sunday 6 March the shopping centre’s website “experienced a technical glitch which was addressed by our web developers and is now back up and running as per usual”.
The drama followed a pump in the Walker Street sprinkler room being activated about 5.30pm on Saturday 5 March.
“For the safety of our guests, the centre was evacuated and the issue was resolved and cleared by the fire brigade shortly after 6pm,” the spokeswoman said.